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The Senate

The Senate is one of the two houses of the Australian Federal Parliament. It consists of 76 senators, twelve from each of the six states and two from each of the mainland territories.


In Parliament

We’ve all had enough of identity politics

9 December 2020

Labor’s Senator Penny Wong recently said in the Senate; “We are no longer trapped in the ignorance of our own assumptions and prejudice, premised on the underlying supremacism of the narrative that white people know best.”

To accuse non-indigenous Australians of believing in some “supremacist narrative” is an insult to our tolerant way of life.

People shouldn’t be prejudged by a label, by a race, by a religion, by their sexuality or where they came from. Most importantly of all, they shouldn’t be held to account for the actions of their forefathers who lived in a different time and different circumstances.

Virtue signalling about the location of flags, words in a national anthem, or another chamber in this place is avoiding the real issue – the welfare of every person in this country regardless of the colour of their skin.

I will always stick up for liberal democracy, freedom and personal liberty. These are my values. These are LNP values and these are Australian values. I love Australia, and I will always fight to see all its citizens feel included and prosper.

Cattle & Cane are synonymous with the great State of Queensland

12 November 2020

Cattle and cane are synonymous with the great State of Queensland. They even appear on our Coat of Arms. Yet the State Labor Government is determined to drive a dagger through the heart of these great industries.

Our farmers have clearly been singled out with Labor’s reef regulations despite many other industries also operating within the Great Barrier Reef basin.

Laying poor water quality solely at the feet of our farmers and graziers through unattainable water targets is reprehensible and disingenuous.

Take Note Speech – The LNP is about choice for women

8 October 2020

I frequently draw inspiration from the women in my family, whether that be my wife, my sisters, my late mother or grandmothers – all of whom are or were proud working women.

The Federal LNP Government is committed to supporting women’s economic security and increasing female workforce participation to improve economic growth. Already, 57% of women who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis have returned to the workforce.

The LNP is all about choice. Labor is all about increasing union membership. The five priorities of the Morrison Government’s $240 million Women’s Economic Security Statement announced in the Federal Budget are repair and rebuild women’s workforce participation and further close the gender pay gap; Greater choice and flexibility for families to manage work and care; supporting women as leaders and role models; Respond to the diverse needs of women; and Support women to be safe at work and home. You can find more info here.

It’s time to get regional Queensland working again

7 October 2020

Queensland has suffered from Labor Governments 25 of the past 30 years. Over that time, Labor has left regional Queensland behind.

Our cousins in country Queensland give our state its wealth – whether it’s farming, mining, fishing or forestry—even our beekeepers. But Queensland Labor has reduced services to the bush, shut down maternity wards, closed ag colleges and punished our farmers with Green Tape.

Queensland cannot afford another four years of Labor.

Senate Estimates – Fair Work Ombudsman

4 March 2020

Industrial relations is a confusing labyrinth of law for many business owners. The Fair Work Ombudsman provides a small business helpline to provide workplace advice on managing your employees and meeting your employer obligations. Call 13 13 94 or click here for more info.

In order to give small business greater confidence to employ Australians, I intend to push for safe harbour rules that protects them from penalties if they follow the advice provided to them by Fair Work.

Inland Rail

2 March 2020

In Senate Estimates I questioned the Australian Rail Track Corporation about who is responsible for managing the Inland Rail corridors. Since federation, railways have always been owned by state government. Likewise the corridors that they sit on are owned by state government.

The Queensland Labor Government has asked that the inland rail corridor go from Gowrie to Kagaru. This has effectively meant that instead of going through Goondiwindi to Warwick to Kagaru, the track will have to cross the Condamine floodplain and the Lockyer Valley. It will also add another 70km to the distance – increasing the cost of the build and time it takes to get to Brisbane.

Bureau of Meteorology

2 March 2020

In Senate Estimates I asked the Bureau of Meteorology if it agreed that the homogenisation of Australia’s mean temperature data has effectively increased the rate of warming by more than 50% since 1910. The BOM failed to answer this question.

I then asked the BOM to state its accepted margin of error or tolerance level for the original (raw) dataset. Again the BOM failed to answer the question, despite asking the same question more than three times.


12 February 2020

The Federation isn’t working. It’s time to hold a constitutional convention to re-establish clear lines of responsibility for federal and state governments.

Heart of Australia

28 November 2019

Heart of Australia provides much needed cardiology and other health support to rural and remote areas of Queensland. Remote and very remote areas of Australia have heart disease hospitalisation and death rates 30% higher than in major cities. Heart of Australia is breaking the tyranny of distance that denies rural and remote-area Australians access to services when and where they are needed most.

To find out more or to support Heart of Australia, visit www.heartofaustralia.com

Dairy Farmers

11 November 2019

Queensland dairy farmers are the highest paid producers in the country receiving $7.84 per kilo of milk solids, almost $2 more than Victorian farmers who receive $5.87 per kilo.

A floor price would slash Queensland dairy farmers margins. If set by the state, processors would buy milk from the cheapest producing state which isn’t Queensland.

The Coalition Government is introducing a dairy mandatory code of conduct that will stop processors from unilaterally changing contracts and allow dairy farmers to collectively bargain and if necessary arbitrate with processors.

Power and Health are State Issues

16 October 2019

The Labor Party tried to claim via a MPI that the Coalition Government has no plan to tackle increasing electricity and health care prices.

I reminded them that power and health are state issues and that Palaszczuk and Trad have made the problem worse back home in Queensland by gouging an extra $269 million in power prices in 2018.

Maiden Speech

10 September 2019

I gave my maiden speech in front of family, friends and colleagues. I thank all those who made the long journey down to Canberra to share in this special occasion.

No Green Tape

16 September 2019

The last thing our farmers need is more Green Tape. I spoke on the Queensland Government’s Bill in the Senate, prior to it passing through State Parliament.