Are you a student that has been mandated to have a Covid Vaccine in order to finish their degree or qualification?

Students’ careers should not be jeopardised just because they don’t want to take part in a medical experiment.

It’s not right that after years of study and accumulated student debt, that our future generation is being coerced to take a vaccine that produces serious adverse reactions.

If you are a student and disagree with this mandate, please report your story to me.

Thousands of students across Australia have lost their careers and had their future put at risk due to tertiary providers mandating Covid-19 Vaccines.

Some campuses or course placement locations have been mandated by state governments, such as medical degrees, whilst other providers have taken it upon themselves to impose mandatory Covid-19 vaccines on campuses.

For enrolments prior to 2022, there were never any explicit terms and conditions that stated that students must be vaccinated to undertake a degree. These students have already incurred thousands of dollars in student loan debts, as well as considerable time and effort. Universities cannot change the terms and conditions of their enrolments without compensating them for these costs.

It is unreasonable that a university that has made a contractual obligation to a student member for the purposes of tertiary education can then withdraw the student’s access to that education part-way through their program, negatively impacting their progress, employability and financial circumstances.

Could this mandate therefore be a breach of contract between the student and tertiary education provider?

There are many legal questions that must be asked of our Governments and tertiary education providers. Those affected have been financially impacted, negatively, not to mention that industries and sectors will in the next few years face the threat of having a minimised population of job seekers with qualifications.

When young, fit, university-aged people are present to hospitals with serious Covid-19 vaccine side effects, students have every right to not want to take this vaccine.

If you are a student who does not want to take the Covid-19 Vaccine, I would like to hear from you.

Please contact me using the form below. Your details will be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality.

If you have lost work due to vaccine mandates, or if you would like to report something else relating to Covid-19, please visit this page.

If you have had a reaction to the vaccine and would like to report it to me, please submit the Vaccine Injury Report Form.
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