Mandates are starting to drop, but not for everyone.

If you have already contacted my office or submitted a ‘Mandates Employment Form’, please help me stay organised by updating your Vaccine Mandate Employment experience using the form below.

By submitting this form, my office will be informed on whether you are able to secure employment now, have or will be getting your job back or if your employer is still imposing mandates with no Public Health Order.

I will continue to hold our Health Bureaucrats and State Premiers to account until ALL Vaccine Mandates are dropped!

Thank you for your help. I will continue to inform you of any information which may be of assistance to you.

I encourage you to provide this so I know how many people per workplace are facing termination or have lost work. I will not inform your employer that you have contacted me unless you give permission. If a large number of employees from one workplace contact me, I may be able to send your employer a letter asking them to stop workplace vaccine mandates.
I consent to Senator Gerard Rennick contacting me in the future. I understand I can opt-out of email communications at any time.