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Gerard Rennick
Senator for Queensland

My Beliefs

Family, reward for effort and especially self-reliance are values I hold strong. The family unit is the foundation of a stable society. As a father of three I believe in the saying, “it is not what you do for your children, but rather what you teach them to do for themselves, that is important.”

In order to ensure Australia’s continued prosperity, we must foster a culture where we are encouraged to rely on ourselves and not others.

On a personal level, I have been fortunate to have experienced life in rural and regional areas, and large towns and cities in many parts of the world. This real-life experience has helped me to appreciate the needs and concerns of everyday Queenslanders from all walks of life and to understand our regional differences.

A rural upbringing has given me a deep appreciation of the land, its people, and the challenges they face. I will always stand up for our regions to ensure that they receive their fair share of government services and funding. The ongoing contribution of those in rural and regional Australia continues to underpin our success as a nation.


Family, reward for effort and especially self-reliance are values I hold strong. The family unit is the foundation of a stable society.


In my travels, the common theme that I encountered was that all people, regardless of their race want the same thing – to be free from hunger and thirst, a roof over their head and job security. What binds the human race together is much more than what drives us apart. I believe that government must promote a unified Australia, rather than ideologies that seek to divide it.

From its humble beginnings, Australia has become of one of the most tolerant, vibrant and prosperous countries in the world. I believe our success is thanks to the pioneering spirit of our forefathers.

Gratitude towards our forefathers’ hard work and sacrifice, which has given us so many opportunities, is what drives me to see Australia continue to provide opportunities for our children and fellow citizens.

The best interests of our country, and the wellbeing of our children and grandchildren, requires a government that continues to stand up for traditional Australian values. We are fortunate to have a Liberal-National government that does just that.

I will promote the following policies:

1.  A flatter and broader tax base, especially lower income taxes. The taxation act is littered with loopholes that discourage productivity. I can use my work experience to streamline and simplify regulation and taxes to ensure Australian businesses are on a level playing field with offshore entities.

2.  Skills-based training over non-vocational University studies. Too many young people are graduating from University with no employment prospects, whilst at the same time businesses are having to import labour due to skills shortages.

3.  Land management in our regions. It’s time we promoted the environmental credentials of our farmers by investing in agriculture and food innovation. With the rise and rapid expansion of the Asian middle-class, Australia has enormous potential to expand our agriculture and food sector by exporting more of our high-quality products into overseas markets.

4.  Tailor Australia’s net immigration intake to match growth in infrastructure spending. Strong economic growth must not come at the cost of our quality of life due to lagging infrastructure development and congestion in our major cities.

5.  Government should own and run essential services for the Australian people.

6.  Issue infrastructure bonds, in order to finance infrastructure development.

7.  One of my favourite sayings is “the stone age didn’t end because we ran out of stones; but because we came up with better ideas”. We need to continue to invest heavily in Research and Development to ensure that Australian businesses can compete on world markets and we maintain our high standard of living.



In Parliament

Maiden Speech

10 September 2019

I gave my maiden speech in front of family, friends and colleagues. I thank all those who made the long journey down to Canberra to share in this special occasion.

No Green Tape

16 September 2019

The last thing our farmers need is more Green Tape. I spoke on the Queensland Government’s Bill in the Senate, prior to it passing through State Parliament.