Please help me put a stop to the medical coercion that has been forced onto Australians by sharing your experience with me

Never in the history of Australia have people been forced to take a medical experiment, with serious side effects, in order to keep their jobs!

The inhumane treatment of working Australians, who just want to provide for their families and survive, must cease immediately.

State Premiers, Health Ministers and health bureaucrats are all aware that Covid-19 Vaccines have significant risks for some people, resulting in death and serious permanent injuries.

There is not one medication on the market that is safe for all, so why are Government Ministers, Health Departments, Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) and Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) still continuing the support and imposition of vaccine mandates.

Previous medications in Australia have been banned and pulled from shelves for far less side effects than the COVID-19 Vaccines, so why are they still being forced to take them, in order to keep their job?

Not only is this a serious breach of human rights but I believe it is a major breach of workplace health and safety.

Liar, Liar!

If you have been let go by your employer or are about to lose your job , simply because you have valid safety concerns, please share your story with me.

Please contact me using the form below. Your details will be treated with sensitivity and confidentiality.

If you have experienced an adverse reaction, please use these forms to report that separately to this employment form.

Covid Vaccine Injury/Death Report Form (18yrs+)
Covid Vaccine Injury/Death Report Form (Under 18yrs)
Covid Vaccine Stillbirth/Miscarriage Report Form

If you have had a reaction to the vaccine and would like to report it to me, please submit the Vaccine Injury Report Form.
I encourage you to provide this so I know how many people per workplace are facing termination or have lost work. I will not inform your employer that you have contacted me unless you give permission.
e.g. You may upload documents or letters from your employer. We will keep your information confidential
I consent to Senator Gerard Rennick contacting me in the future. I understand I can opt-out of email communications at any time.