Moderna can’t explain why its vaccine has 3 times more mRNA than Pfizer’s

Did you know: The mRNA in Moderna’s vaccine is three times heavier than the mRNA in Pfizer’s vaccine!Furthermore the mRNA sequence between the two is also different. Why? Either there’s a right amount or a wrong amount of mRNA and a right sequence or a wrong sequence of mRNA. The fact that Moderna and Pfizer are […]

Are you being impacted by renewable infrastructure?

I am currently collating information from residents who are about to be impacted by transmission lines & other renewable energy infrastructure, to gather data such as how many properties will be affected and where. All of your submissions will be read by either myself or my staff and will help me to raise further details […]

Moderna won’t reveal whether it put profits back into helping those with injuries

Profits before people.  Moderna, like Pfizer or Astra Zeneca, aren’t prepared to back up their “safe and effective” mantra by underwriting the safety of the vaccines.  They passed the buck onto governments whose politicians lacked the spine to stand up for the people they claim to represent.  It’s no wonder trust in governments and our […]

Pfizer gets grilled. Watch them avoid questions.

Despite claiming the vaccine was effective in preventing infection, Pfizer can’t explain why over 10 million people in Australia caught Covid less than 10 months after opening international borders. The excuse by Pfizer that the virus mutated doesn’t cut it.  Unlike other pathogens such as bacteria and double stranded DNA viruses (smallpox), single stranded mRNA […]