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Are you being impacted by renewable infrastructure?

I am currently collating information from residents who are about to be impacted by transmission lines & other renewable energy infrastructure, to gather data such as how many properties will be affected and where.

All of your submissions will be read by either myself or my staff and will help me to raise further details about the true impact of renewables to relevant Ministers, on the floor of the Senate and to the public. My aim is for an inquiry into renewables and the impact of on our environment, farm land and other stakeholders.

Please note that my office receives a large amount of correspondence and sometimes we are unable to address every email and submission that we receive. Please be assured that your information will be noted and kept confidential. Should I need to raise your specific case I will always seek your permission first.

If you are about to be affected, please consider letting me know below.


Are you being impacted by renewable infrastructure (Australia Only)?

Campaign: Transmission lines/renewables concern - affected people

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