2021 Mortality Rates

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Please find enclosed some more analysis on mortality rates in 2021.

Arguably 2021 should only be compared to 2020 as both years were lockdown years. As stated earlier in the week there were 8,706 extra deaths in 2021 from 2020, of which approximately 400 were due to increased Covid deaths.

However it is worth comparing to prior years when looking at the split between cause of death.

1. While Covid deaths were higher at 1,212 other respiratory deaths were 3,398 lower. While this would be due to lockdowns it is worth noting that overall respiratory deaths were much lower than in prior years. This begs the question as to whether Covid is any more lethal than prior respiratory disease.

2. Cancer deaths are 3,247 higher effectively offsetting any gains from the lockdowns. The reason for this increase needs to be studied further – did lockdowns contribute to missed diagnosis of cancer or did vaccines trigger a carcinogenic reaction in people. There is also the issue of hospital understaffing.

3. Dementia and Diabetes deaths are also up by 15% and 12%. Yet again is this because people didn’t get proper medical attention because of Covid lockdowns and hospital understaffing.

4. Not specifically listed has increased by 7,154 or a whopping 30%. This is extraordinary. How is it that doctors are no longer attributing death in so many cases? Does this explain why heart related deaths are lower?

5. This figure along with the increase in Coroner deaths is almost as high as the overall increase in excess deaths from 2020.

6. Does not specifically listed include suicide and if so why isn’t there a separate line for suicide to help raise awareness of mental health. It would also enable tracking to help determine if lockdowns increased suicides.

Given that excess deaths occurred after the vaccine rollout started in April 2021 you have to ask yourself if both doctors and coroners have been gagged in assigning cause of death as vaccine related don’t you!

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