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Should Australia Cut Immigration?

Labor has lied about reducing immigration!

The Albanese government’s recent budget claims to reduce immigration to 395,000 this year. However, net arrivals for the year to March 2024 already total 397,798, and this figure is expected to reach 529,000 by year-end. This influx, unmatched by new housing, is causing significant strain on Australians.

The Impact of Reckless Immigration

Housing Crisis: High immigration rates are causing a housing shortage. With only 119,000 new units built, down 20% from a decade ago, the rise in demand has escalated the cost of living as rents and property prices soar.

Economic Strain: High immigration rates are driving up the cost of living. Builders are going out of business due to high material costs and difficulties faced by new home buyers in securing loans.

Budget Pressure: Critics argue that the government’s immigration policy artificially inflates GDP figures by increasing the population, but this comes at the expense of residents’ well-being. The rapid population growth strains essential services and infrastructure such as healthcare, education, and public transportation. These systems are unable to keep pace with the increased demand, leading to longer wait times, overcrowded facilities, and reduced quality of service.


Should Australia cut immigration levels?

Campaign: Should Australia cut immigration levels?​

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