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Should Australia build Sovereign Seven infrastructure projects to be self-reliant?

If Australians want to rebuild and restore their country the government needs to stop relying on the monetary policies of unelected central bankers and get the workforce back on the tools.

For too long successive governments have allowed our infrastructure and manufacturing base to be either sold off or offshored.

This has had devastating consequences on our ability to stand on our own two feet as a country. As a result, our sovereignty is at risk.

Monetary policy should be more than just manipulating the price of money every month via interest rates.

Monetary policy should drive productivity, rather than speculation that only leads to asset inflation but not asset creation.

That’s why the Federal government needs to reform overall monetary policy in this country.

Part of this reform needs to be the creation of an Infrastructure bank that funds the construction of the sovereign seven.

The seven infrastructure classes that underpin the sovereignty of Australia are:

1. Dams
2. Power Stations
3. Ports
4. Airports
5. Roads
6. Rail
7. Telecommunications infrastructure

The recurring revenue generated from this infrastructure can fund schools and hospitals.

It will also increase supply of essential services, driving down the cost of doing business and create employment opportunities.


Should Australia build Sovereign Seven infrastructure projects?

Campaign: Sovereign Seven

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