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Are you concerned about the sexualisation of the education system?

Australia used to have an education system and curriculum which focussed on nurturing children by teaching them fundamental skills such as reading, writing and arithmetic.

Family values and social cohesion were also taught to a degree but this aspect of raising children was mainly left to parents.
When children would come home from school to watch their TV shows such as Sesame Street, Play School and cartoons, they were further immersed in traditional learning and harmless entertainment that would stimulate their imagination.

Not these days.

Schools and children’s television programmes have been turned into political and ideological indoctrination systems over the past several years; we have seen this with climate change and Covid fearmongering and now we are seeing adult topics such as gender and sex education being integrated in these children’s communication channels.

Children are now being asked about their preferred pronouns in preschool. Mothers are now being referred to as birthing parents.
In Australia we are constantly witnessing the sexualisation of children’s activities in libraries, schools, fairs and in the media, including the ABC. I believe such exposure is age inappropriate.

What happened to letting kids be kids? What are the repercussions of sexual content being brainwashed into our children regarding their personal self- esteem and the way they treat others as they grow older.


Are you concerned about the sexualisation of the education system?

Campaign: Sexualisation of Education System Concern

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