Disabled by the CV-jab. Gaslighted by doctors. Still no help.

Last week there was an excess death senate inquiry in Canberra.

Unfortunately it only went for a day. It needs to go longer as many people have been denied the right to be heard.

Special thanks to Kara, someone who was severely injured by the vaccine, for having the courage to tell her story.

Kara is just one of thousands who has been severely injured and gaslighted by the Australian Government.

The lack of empathy shown by politicians, the media and the medical community is shameful.

Community Affairs References Committee
Excess Mortality
Department of Social Services

Senator RENNICK: My last question is to Mrs Potter. Are you vaccine injured, Mrs Potter? If so, could you please describe your injury and how you’ve had to deal with it?

Mrs Potter: Yes. I received my vaccine injury from my third Pfizer shot, which was my booster shot, on 8 January 2022. It started with pericarditis, but the inflammation was much further spread than just in my heart. It went through to my lungs and further to other parts of my body, including my brain over a period of about five months. I was quite acutely unwell. I made multiple trips to hospital. I spent about six weeks overall in hospital trying to recover from just that initial acute injury. Since then, I am now chronically ill and disabled from the vaccine. I am no longer able to work or drive or do many things at all. It affects my whole body, my capacity to think and speak, and my ability to walk. My regulatory system is completely disorganised. It has had a major catastrophic impact on myself and my family.

Senator RENNICK: Has the federal government recognised your vaccine injury and compensated you appropriately for your injury? Have you received adequate medical support from the medical community, including respect as to your injury?

Mrs Potter: I have not received compensation from the federal government. I am one of the very fortunate people who fit within the very small category who could qualify for the vaccination compensation scheme because I fit into one of the 11 categories of adverse reactions that qualify for the compensation scheme and I was hospitalised for that adverse reaction. You have to wait for things to finish before you can do that. You have to wait for all your other forms of insurance to come through and I am still waiting for my TPD insurance to be finalised. That is taking a long time because like many who have been vaccine injured we find it very difficult to have all of our medical things confirmed and agreed upon. All of these things take a very long time because our injuries are so new and so poorly understood. I cannot remember what else you asked? I’m sorry.

Senator RENNICK: Have you received adequate support from the medical community in terms of your injuries?

Mrs Potter: I have had varied levels of support. I was very fortunate. Unlike many people, my GP recognised my injury to begin with. I am actually grateful to my GP that I am alive, because she recognised I had a vaccine injury. I have had interactions across multiple hospitals and with many specialists and not all of those have been as positive. I have only just received some of my medical records back. In some of those records I’ve seen that some of the gaslighting that has been done to many of the vaccine injured was also done to me. The doctors were saying one thing to me and were being quite supportive to me face to face, but in my medical record they were writing things about me suggesting that I was having some kind of psychological event. I have a long list of experts who have looked at my case and have attributed it to the vaccine. That is very typical for the vaccine injured, particularly women and particularly women my age. We make up a large number of the vaccine injured. It is very easy to gaslight us with that sort of statement.

Senator RENNICK: Thank you very much, Mrs Potter. I appreciate your bravery.





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