Gladstone Observer: Qld Senator behind Flynn’s nuclear power push

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31 August 2019.

A QUEENSLAND-based senator has supported a nuclear power plant being built in Flynn, echoing sentiments from fellow federal parliamentarian Ken O’Dowd.

SenatorGerard Rennick visited the Gladstone region as part of a two-week listening tour of Queensland.

He said if Mr O’Dowd can get the support from residents in the region, then “let’s do it”.

“The biggest hurdle to nuclear energy is some people are still concerned about it,” Senator Rennick said.

He cited the 450 nuclear power plants around the world already in existence and that Australia is the only country in the G20 without such a facility.

“I think that safety concerns, while important, can be addressed and I think it’s definitely an alternative we should consider in our energy mix going forward.”

So far on his tour, constituents have pointed out the lack of goods and services in regional areas – and it’s something Senator Rennick wants to champion.

Originally from Chinchilla, he said he understood the plight of his fellow Queenslanders living outside of Brisbane.

“I want to make sure their fair share of government funding and services,” Senator Reddick said.

“I guess what I want to do is let people know I got some solutions.”

Senator Rennick also wants a review of maternity services in regional areas – citing Gladstone’s example last year when theMaterHospital closed their clinic.

“I like to see more public services roles out here,” he said.

Mr Rennick also met with Gladstone region councillors during his visit, before moving on to Yeppoon on the next leg of his tour.

By Mark Zita

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