Labor shuts down lab leak questions as health expert held to account

Watch as Government officials cover up the origins of Covid. In estimates, I tried to get an explanation from the National Health and Research Council as to what checks they put in place around the taxpayer money they hand out. In particular, I am concerned about successive payments going to Prof Edward Holmes who has been actively engaged in Gain-of-Function Research at numerous Universities around the world, including the Chinese Centre for Disease control. His behaviour around the origins of Covid can only be described as shady as best. If the intelligence agencies and the media were doing their job this guy should be interrogated and hung out to dry for trying to cover up the origins of Covid. Why was he involved with Chinese Universities in regards to Gain-of-Function research? Why was he one of the first people Anthony Fauci called when Covid broke out? Why did Jeremy Farrar know that Holmes contacted Intelligence Agencies at the outbreak of Covid? Why did he author a paper in the Lancet with several other shady scientists involved with Gain of Function research, claiming that Covid was a natural outbreak and not a lab leak? Why on earth is he pushing the ridiculous line that the virus came from a Pangolin/Racoon Dog connection? Furthermore, the representatives at estimates are not allowed to express an opinion yet the Chair of the Senate Committee, yet Senator Marielle Smith allowed him to express one and then refused my right of reply to his absurd claims. It is my opinion that the Federal Government is covering up the origins of the Covid to protect their cronies in the Medical and Intelligence Communities, whose actions resulted in so much suffering because of the Covid outbreak. It’s time #BatbumEddie and his cronies were held to account. More at: https://www.yahoo.com/news/why-lab-leak-proponents-are-unconvinced-by-raccoon-dog-evidence-for-coronavirus-origins-185636522.html
Community Affairs Legislation Committee 05/06/2024 Estimates HEALTH AND AGED CARE PORTFOLIO National Health and Medical Research Council

Senator RENNICK: I note that you have given $3.9 million to Professor Edward Holmes, and as an associate honorary professor at the Chinese Centre for Disease Control. He also mapped out the COVID genome in 2020 and is also claiming—and I watched his interview—that COVID is spread by a pangolin through a raccoon dog. I did not know those things hung out together in bars, but anyway. Have you done security checks on this money before you distribute it?

Prof. Wesselingh: We obviously expect the administering institution of which Professor Holmes would be a member, such as a university—

Senator RENNICK: Yes, Sydney University.

Prof. Wesselingh: Yes, I know that it is Sydney, but I am being general here. We would expect the administering institution to ensure that Professor Holmes adheres to all of the current guidelines and regulations on dual-use research and international interference, and obviously we work with our administering institutions and monitor their ability to do that.

Senator RENNICK: In emails that were released in Congress he was one of the people that conspired with Anthony Fauci to cover up the origins of coronavirus. Originally, they all thought it was a lab leak because of the furin cleavage sites. Now he has come out and is arguing this raccoon dog pangolin connection. Do you think—

Prof. Wesselingh: I am not supposed to express an opinion here, but the international expert opinion is clear that it is not a lab leak.

Senator RENNICK: No, that is not true at all. You can’t say that.

CHAIR: Senator Rennick, this isn’t an opportunity for an open debate. It is an opportunity for questions and answers.

Prof. Wesselingh: I can say that.

Senator RENNICK: Well, he has just made a statement that is entirely invalidated.

CHAIR: If you do have a question for the officials, you can place it, but it might be a good time to break for lunch at this point.

Senator RENNICK: Have you cleared with ASIO, with the intelligence agencies—

CHAIR: Senator, I’m suspending the committee. We are breaking for lunch. We will come back and the opposition will have the call again.

Senator RENNICK: So we can’t bring up the connection in the cover up—

CHAIR: Senator Rennick, that is a completely inappropriate thing to say about me as chair, and about the nature of this committee. I think you should withdraw it.

Senator RENNICK: I will withdraw. Okay. But I haven’t finished my question.

CHAIR: The committee is suspending for lunch. We will be suspending for 45 minutes





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