My letter to the PM

 In Parliament

Last week I sent the attached letter to the Prime Minister advising him that I will be withholding my vote from the Coalition until a number of key issues are dealt with.

To summarise briefly, people who have suffered injuries from the vaccine need immediate financial support. Some employees may get support from Workcover but this won’t cover everybody who has been injured.

The indemnity scheme needs to available immediately rather than start next year. Furthermore, it should kick in from the first dollar and be open to anyone who has incurred an injury not just those who spent a night in hospital. This is important because people are being turned away from hospitals.

Vaccine mandates need to be lifted immediately. They should never have been implemented. Mandates are going to cause so many issues including labour shortages, endless legal lawsuits, loss of livelihoods, discrimination and so on. Most of all, people who have suffered injuries from the first jab should not be forced into getting a second jab. This is unmitigated cruelty.

Rapid antigen tests are a much better way to manage the risk of Covid. It beggars belief that Australia was shut down 18 months ago so that our health system could be ready to deal with the pandemic and now that hospitals are being overrun with vaccine injuries. Staff are being dismissed when they are going to be needed the most.

I will work with relevant Ministers in order to resolve these issues as quickly as possible.


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