Numbers don’t lie: Covid Vaccines have a higher injury rate

Last week I got fact checked by an AAP germ twark@aap.com.au, on the claim that the Western Australian Vaccine Injury report showed a vaccine injury rate that was 50 times higher for Covid vaccines than other vaccines.

Numbers don’t lie. No matter how you sell it, background signals show the rate of deaths, Covid vaccine reports of injury and cardiac presentation all rose after the rollout of the Covid vaccine before Covid was in the community.

Why do the media attack the vaccine injured? The AAP claims to be a non-profit organisation but fails to disclose who their donors are? Non-profit organisations like these don’t work for nothing. They often do the bidding of wealthy psychopaths who like to remain hidden in the background least their tendencies for maniacal control are exposed.

The Chair of AAP, Gail Hambly in a prior role as general counsel and secretary of Fairfax (another media organisation) was admonished by a Justice in the Federal Court for falling short of expected accuracy regarding a board matter. Regardless of this admonishment, the Factcheckers decided to employ her anyway. What a joke.

The factcheckers can gaslight all they want but no one believes anything they say. Factcheckers only started to exist when the truth started to get out.

The AAP are saying my claim of higher injuries for Covid vaccines that other vaccines is not true because an adverse event after a vaccination is not the same as an injury after vaccination. This is pure and simple semantics. Health authorities have reported these adverse events as suspected as being caused by the vaccine. Who is the AAP or any other authority to override their opinion if they haven’t investigated the patient themselves.

An adverse event after a vaccine is the best indicator of whether the vaccine causes injuries. If an adverse event isn’t a signal that the vaccine caused an injury than what is? Regardless of the semantics, the fact is that adverse event reports were 24 times higher per dose of a Covid vaccine than a non-Covid vaccine.


Furthermore, if the adverse event isn’t proven to be an injury than whose fault is that for not following up the adverse event report. The Health Authorities should do their job and investigate all reports of vaccine injuries. Given the Covid vaccine was only provisionally approved, it was incumbent upon the health authorities who forced people to take the vaccine to take these reports seriously and follow up on the report rather than gaslight the report.

Compare and contrast this to the treatment of Covid whereby anyone who died with multiple comorbidities and Covid was marked as a Covid death. This was even the case when people caught Covid in palliative care. On the other hand, anyone who had no prior health condition that suddenly dies within a short time frame after receiving a vaccine is completely ignored. The World Health Organisation even bent the rules to allow Covid to be reported on a death certificate to without an autopsy.

AAP claim there is a change in methodology in the way vaccine injuries were surveyed compared to other vaccines. They don’t explain what this change in methodology is, but it does raise the question of whether other vaccine injuries are being properly surveyed. The statement “Post-vaccination surveys at three separate intervals and linking vaccinations to emergency department visits and hospitalisations, it said, were new measures not taken for other vaccines” suggests that vaccine injuries from all vaccines are not been taken seriously by health authorities.

Another clown by the name of Professor Eastman (Adrian.Esterman@unisa.edu.au) then goes on to say the vast majority of injuries are of minor reactions like a sore arm or headache. 4,957 people or 48% of reported adverse events went to emergency and another 957 or 9% of people stayed overnight in hospital. How is this mild? It’s also worth nothing that 3,082 or 30% of people who reported adverse events went to a GP. People don’t go to emergency, stay in hospital or see a GP for mild adverse events. The hide of these people to gaslight the suffering incurred by the vaccine injured is disgraceful.

Let’s also compare the Ausvax safety data to the WA Vaccine Injury report. The Ausvax safety data said that 44.1% of people reported an adverse event after 3 days. (not clinically verified) 44.1% is a high figure by any measure clinically verified or not. I don’t know about you, but I have never experienced a side effect after a vaccine and I have had probably had up to 20 vaccine shots as an Adult due travelling extensively in third world countries. Yet this vaccine has almost 1 in 2 people reporting an adverse event after just 3 days. It’s worth nothing that this figure doesn’t tie with table 14 of the vaccine injury report whereby 3.9 million doses were administered by WA in 2021. Applying 44% to this figure gives 1.7 million reports of side effects most of which I accept are probably mild, but milder than Covid itself? This number wasn’t mentioned in the WA Vaccine report at all. 0.9% of Ausvax respondents went to see a doctor or GP. This works out to be 35,538 people who saw a GP or emergency which is much higher that what the report (see above) claims of only 10,428 adverse events.

This begs the question as to whether or not hospitals were recording every adverse event as possibly being vaccine related or did medical professionals deliberately not report adverse events as being related to the vaccine. I have been told by hundreds of people that their injury was not recorded as a vaccine injury. Finally, the Ausvax figures only show the three day reports not the eight day reports which means emergency and GP visits are underreported as many people did not initially act on their side effects thinking it would go away.

Eastman also claims “there is no way of determining whether the adverse event was actually caused by the vaccine.” Really! Has he never heard of pathology, whereby pathologists study blood and tissue samples. Has he never heard of Histopathology or cytopathology, two more professions that take deep dives into studying disease via tissue samples.

Does the Professor not realise that the spike protein from the vaccine contains a proline insertion at position 986 and 986 of the mRNA strand that codes for the proline amino acid. Does the Professor not realise the lipids in the vaccine contain a novel ionizable lipid that has a positive charge that can bind with the negatively charged cell membrane. The novel lipids can be identified by its molecular structure as set out in the Pfizer non-clinical report. Then there is the methyl pseudouridine mRNA and the poly-A tail extension in the mRNA. Any residual mRNA can clearly be identified as belonging to the vaccine. There are clear markers that can identify products of the vaccine. How stupid is this Professor?

Eastman then goes on to argue that the TGA recognise 14 deaths from over a thousand claims of death from the vaccine. This is a misleading claim. Over 600 of these reported and suspected reports of deaths came from health officials. Does the muppet really think that 98% of these reports are wrong. What would the TGA know about these deaths given they never conducted autopsies or examined the patient before they died. The TGA have no grounds to dismiss reports of injury by specialists who know much more about the patients than the doctors working for the TGA who are clearly pressured to dismiss vaccine injuries. Furthermore, the TGA have admitted in an FOI that they can’t prove the vaccine injury reports are wrong and why would they given they have never conducted autopsies or discussed the deaths with State Coroners.

It is also worth noting the TGA that was led by Professor John Skerritt, an official that lied to me in estimates by claiming that the lipids in the vaccine were the same as the lipids in a steak you eat for breakfast and are perfectly safe. There were two novel lipids in the vaccine that were never tested prior to human trials as per the Pfizer non-clinical report. One of these lipids was positively charged which are known to be toxic to the human body. Skerritt as head of the TGA was clearly covering up vaccine injuries and the TGA’s own negligence in not conducting proper safety tests.

Finally, Eastman also blames social media for magnifying high rates of suspicion about the safety of the vaccine. To an extent, this is true as only social media, despite constant censorship by the government and big tech, was the only platform to post about injuries caused by the vaccines. If it wasn’t for brave individuals who refused to be silenced by the totalitarian overlords many more people would have been injured by the vaccine.

Then we get another useful idiot by the name of Professor Christopher Baker who claims that it is not accurate to compare the Covid vaccine to other vaccines using two doses verse one dose for the other vaccines. While this is true as some childhood vaccines often require more than one dose, these childhood vaccines generally last at least a decade if not a lifetime. The Covid-19 vaccine required two initial doses and then more boosters. The Covid vaccine has a very short effective life according to even the health authorities. To stay up to date with Covid would require say at least one dose every year rather than one dose every decade or more.

It therefore goes without saying the Covid vaccines expose the receiver to a much higher risk of injury due to repeated boosting. Then there’s the risk of immune imprinting that comes from repeated boosting that AAP or the experts fail to mention.

Its also worth nothing that when I spoke to the AAP, I raised the issue of the increase in actual deaths in 2021 of almost 10,000 people in the last eight months of the year. This the period in which the vaccine was rolled out, but Covid was not yet in the community. The AAP has failed to even mention this unexplained jump in deaths as has other health officials. This jump is alarming and given the vaccine had not been properly tested it should have raised alarm bells as to the safety of the vaccine but of course any questions of concerns were dismissed by health authorities more interested in protecting their pharmaceutical and bureaucratic sponsors than the people.

I also included a graph from an FOI my colleague obtained from the South Australian Health Department that showed hospital cardiac presentations for 15-44 years jumped in South Australia jumped dramatically in August 2021, five months before Covid was in the SA community but smack bang in the middle of the vaccine rollout. Another strong signal the vaccines were causing heart injuries which should always be taken very seriously, especially in young people.

A number of anecdotal reports have also reported that vaccine injuries were gaslighted. One cardiologist from Brisbane told me he sent three reports of myocarditis from vaccines to Queensland Health only for Queensland Health to return the reports asking the reports are lodged by the patients GP. Why wouldn’t Queensland Health accept myocarditis reports from a cardiologist.

The reason of course is that the Health Departments gaslight injuries to cover up their own negligence and lies. Numerous GP’s have contacted me to say they were investigated by AHPRA for reporting vaccine injuries. This of course scared other GP’s into reporting vaccine injuries.

Vaccine injuries are serious and much more commonplace than the media want to acknowledge. Factchecks by useful idiots like the AAP serve to prove that the coverup is real.
Please email these people if you have been injured and tell them your stories. The disgusting lies need to be exposed.

It’s the factcheckers who need factchecking.

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