Submission – Environmental Protection & Biodiversity Conservation Act (1999) Review

 In General

At a time when the politics of climate change is more pervasive and polarising than ever before, the EPBC Act should be amended to ensure it remains fit for purpose.

In the following submission to the independent review of the EPBC Act 1999, I propose that:

  • The prohibition on nuclear power be removed so that it can be used as an alternative base energy source
  • The requirement that the Federal Government approve tree clearing be abolished. Farmers shouldn’t have to seek permission from two levels of government
  • That the disposal of renewable energy waste products, particularly solar panels and batteries, be fully regulated to ensure they leave no environmental impact
  • That all wind farm operators be required to collect data and submit an annual report of all bird and bat species killed by wind turbines
  • That the construction of critical water infrastructure, particularly dams, be excluded from the Act. Water is our most important resource. Dams create jobs – from their construction through to the agricultural sector, as well as producing clean hydro-electricity.

You can read my full submission click here.

To find out more about the review, click here.

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