Submission – GenCost 2020-21 Consultation Phase

 In General

At a time where energy prices are soaring across the nation, it is vital that any projections regarding the cost of different energy sources are based on realistic assumptions, taking into account all relevant factors accurately without bias towards a particular type of energy generation.

At the end of last year, just as Australians went on Christmas holidays, the CSIRO quietly released a discussion paper – Planning and Forecasting Consultation on the Inputs, Assumptions and scenarios relating to the CSIRO’s GenCost 2020-21. This paper contained false assumptions designed to make it look as though renewables are cost comparative to baseload energy. I have made the following submission to rectify these false assumptions and have communicated my dissatisfaction to the Minister, highlighting that the CSIRO is a scientific body and not a financial body. They should not be releasing costings without due process.

In my submission to the AEMO 2020-21 planning and forecasting consultation on inputs assumptions and scenarios, I propose that:

  1. The carbon pricing, and other policy belief assumptions be replaced to reflect the policy outlooks of the current government;
  2. The capacity factor for energy sources be adjusted to reflect the much higher efficiency of fossil fuels and nuclear power;
  3. The lifetime of a battery and associated costs with renewables be reconsidered to reflect renewable energy’s greater need for storage;
  4. Any future low emission scenario includes the use of SMR reactors;
  5. The cost of fuel, particularly for coal be radically reduced to reflect the low cost of Australian coal;
  6. The lifetime of fossil fuel plants be increased from 30 years to over 50 years to reflect the longevity of these plants and;
  7. The costs for various environmental and social impacts to various alternative technologies, such as the use of child labour in cobalt mines, be included in the final projections.

You can read my full submission: click here.

To find out more about the consultation process, click here.

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