Where’s ATAGI’s scientific evidence to reduce vaccine exemption time frames?

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I recently wrote to Health Minister Greg Hunt to request the scientific evidence that ATAGI and the Australian Government health officials have relied on to justify reducing the Covid vaccine exemption time frame.


The Hon. Greg Hunt MP
Minister for Health
PO Box 6022
Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600

25 March 2022

Dear Minister,

RE: ATAGI Guidelines for Natural Immunity

ATAGI has, as of the 24th of January 2022, updated their guidelines from the previously listed
decision to allow a 6-month exemption to vaccination once someone is naturally exposed to the
Covid-19 illness. They have now reduced this time frame down to 4 months.

I would like to request the scientific evidence that ATAGI and the Australian Government health
officials have based this decision on. Australians deserve to know the scientific evidence and current
studies used to make such determinations in the interest of health and complete transparency.
Governments and their ‘experts’ cannot simply deny natural immunity without the scientific
evidence to prove otherwise.

mRNA vaccines trigger antibodies to specific viral protein targets, not to nucleocapsid proteins. As
the virus mutates a new spike protein, existing vaccines become ineffective quickly. This is in
contrast with natural immunity that develops antibodies to all of the proteins in the virus.
The fact that booster shots are rolled out regularly, and that there are high levels of transmission
and hospitalisations amongst the vaccinated population, is evidence of just how ineffective the
Covid vaccines are.

It should also be noted that the reports of suspected injuries from the Covid-19 vaccines outnumber
all other reported suspected injuries from other vaccines since 1971.

I urge that the Australian Government and its advisory body ATAGI recognise natural immunity is
much safer and more effective than Covid-19 vaccines. I ask that doctors are allowed to use their
own professional judgement in granting exemptions to Covid-19 vaccines which should not be
mandated or require an exemption in the first place.

Kind regards,
Gerard Rennick
LNP Senator for Queensland


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